Commercial photos of electric scooters.

We were called upon to do electric scooter photography for Out and About Healthcare. They have a large range of electric scooters from small ones designed for packing into a car boot, to large 4 wheen drive ones for off road use.

Due to the large size and difficulty of moving the mobility scooters to a studio, we were required to ue our mobile photographer studio so we could do the photography on-site. There wasn't enough space in their warehouse so we resorted to shooting the scooters in the car pack outside their premises.

The product photography results came out virtually the same as if they were shot in a studio. This shows the power of modern photography equipment. We were able to create punchy images with great lighting that shows off the differing surface textures of the mobility scooters. The colours are correct which was very important to the client because they sell them on the internet and customers need to see exactly what it is they are buying. We are able to produce superb results any anty location. We can shoot everything from mobility scooters photos to mens shoe photos on-site.

Electric Scooter Photography

Beautiful photos by Photographer Michael Leadbetter

Mobile on-site Photographer.

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