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When you are looking to get professional photography done it's important to pick the right person. There are many Photographers to look at when searching the internet. This makes picking the right one more difficult. There are many things that you have to take into account. Is the profession photography up to the standard you need for the photographic assignment you need done. What is the turnaround time you require, do you need a photographer who can work on-site, what is the photographer like as a person. These are the kind of thing you'll have to keep in mind when booking a professiona photographer Brisbane.

The most important thing is to find someone with the required experience in the photographic industry. Here at Photographer Brisbane our photographer, Michael Leadbetter, has more than 10 years experience as a professional photographer. Michael has the skills as a photographer to do many types of high end photography. Everything from shooting catalogues and advertising campaigns as well as all type of product photography, portraits and everything else.

When you book a job with us we go over the brief and decide on what the final images you require are. Then we design a plan to get the advertising photography done in the timeframe that is required. We always deliver our image on time so we need to make sure that all variables are taken into account to make sure everything is in order to make this happen. Planning is key.

The photography is done with state of the art photograpic equipment. After that we do any post production work, colour correction, retouching that is need to the images. This is the magic where the raw photo is perfected and turned into the final image. We usually deliver the photos via dropbox so that you can share them easily with graphic designers or your website managers.

Why not fire us an email and find out how competitive our pricing is for your next photo assignment.

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