Commercial photos of electrical products.

When Tritium needed an electrical product photographer, they called on us. We were hired to deliver images for of their new electric car chargers that they export all over the world.

It's always fun when we get to shoot interesting things and this was no exception. We had to provide product images as well as marketing photos for their catalogues. To make it easy on the staff there we completed the product photogrphy on-site. They ahve a large warehouse that was used as the location for the product shots. The catalogue photography was done in the surrounding suburb.

The commercial photography went well, being white, the charger were relatively easy to photograph. They were a little hard to handle due to their tall size and the hanging cables out the side. The cables were very difficult to get sitting just right. We got them looking really good in the end. The electrical product photography needed to show the charger from all the important angles. We ended up doing eight photographs of the electric charger as we felt this would allow the end used to get a good idea of what it would look like in the final installation.

Electrical Product Photography

Wonderful photos by Photographer Michael Leadbetter

Location Photography.

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