Advertising photography of mens shoes.

Mens shoe photography is one of our favourite product photography jobs. Michael loves a great mens shoe, and these shoes that we received recently were a joy to photograph.

Menwear retailer Urbbana have some of the most beautiful mens shoes we've ever seen. Fantastic leather and great designs make this mens shoe photography job a dream assignment.

We used some strong directional light that was reasonable hard to bring out the shape of the shoes. Cross light was also used. Normally mens shoe photographers don't use cross light becuase it can bring up any rough patches in the leather. But high end shoes like these allow us to have more interesting lighting than usual.product photography

The dtrong light lines also help the mens shoe photos to show the differing shine levels. This was important as some of the shoe had a high shine surface.

Mens Shoe Photography Brisbane

Photography by Photographer Brisbane

Fantastic photos for Queensland clients.

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