Advertising photography of smart watches.

We were recently approached by a new client to do smart watch photography. We were given the job of taking smart watch photos for website and print marketing. Being a brisbane commercial photographer we were able to help the client out with high quality images.

Initially the client was hoping to get the watch prototype photographed on-site. Unfortunate we couldn't accomodate them. The smart watch they had was a polished stainless steel bodied watch. The highly reflective surfaces meant we had to shoot it in a light controlled enviroment.

The smart watch photography went pretty smoothly. Once we had the watch in our studio we were able to control the reflections and use light so the the shape came out well. And the surface in the photographs accurately shows the high gloss shine of the smart watch.

If your company need high end specialist photos done, give us a call, we're experts at photography that other companies don't want to touch due to the highly technical nature of the images.

Smart Watch Photography Brisbane

Photos by Photographer, Michael Leadbetter

High Resolution Advertising Photography.

Contact our Advertising Photographer. We'd love to help you get the photos you need .

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