Commercial photos of diamond necklaces.

Here at Photographer Brisbane we love shooting beautiful diamond necklaces. Great necklaces are tiny pieces of stunning artwork. The small details and beauty of the sparkling diamonds make photography assignments like this a joy to complete. Recently we were given the job of photographing some necklaces for Brisbane diamond experts, Stones Diamonds. The necklaces we were given to photography were truely stunning. The diamonds in them had wonderful clarity and were very clean in colour.

Capturing the beauty of the necklaces is the kind of challenge that we thrive on. We did the photography in-store so transportation of the items was not necessary. We took our portable studio and did a great lighting setup to bring out the sparkle while not introducing un-necessary reflections into the metal elements of the diamond necklaces. This involves a careful balance between soft light and hard light. Once we got the lighting just right the job flowed smoothly with a minimum of moving the lights between shots.

After the photography was completed we cut the backgrounds out in photoshop. This allowed for pure white background that allow the items photographed to be stand out. PNG transparent versions were also supplied as we do as a standard part of our photographic services.

Check out the results of this photoshoot below and if you like what you see give us a call. We'd love to do your next photography job for you.

Diamond Necklace Photography Brisbane

Photography by Michael Leadbetter

Fantastic necklace Photography.

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