Commercial photography of the latest fashions.

When Tengdahl needed their latest range photographed they called our fashion photographers. We decided to do the photography on-location in their showroom. This made it easier for them to organise the clothing for the shoot. They have changing rooms for the models as well, so it just made sense. We ran two different backdrops together. This allowed us to produce a large quantity of photographs in a very short time frame.

We photographed the clothing on a white background for the item shots that they have on their website. At the same time we shot various outfits on a dark background for promotional shots. The promo shots were to be used for the website, instagram marketing as well as posters and in store merchandising. We did the shoot in only 2 hours. Which is extremely fast for a whole range of clothing. The resulting images were cropped and post work was done on them so that Tengdahl could use them straight away.

Being able to produce such high quality results quickly is one of the reasons we're one of the most affordable fashion photographers in Brisbane.

We used the same gear we'd use in a studio, high end prototo lighting with light modifiers. We believe that the results speak for themselves. If you're looking for fashion photographers Brisbane call us or fire us an email and find out how we can get your next range of clothing photographed in a quick and efficient manner.

Fashion Photography Brisbane

Photography by Michael Leadbetter

Fantastic fashion photography.

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