Photography of industrial products.

Doing industrial product photography means we get to photograph all types of industrial products. Here we were contracted to provide Wanless Machinery to photograph replacement parts for the earth movers.

Our Industrial photographer, Michael Leadbetter, went out on-site an did the photography in the offices and a large dark warehouse. The industial products were far to big to move to a studio. They rubber tracks were sized for giant earthmovers and required the use of forklifts to get them in place for the photography to occur.

This is exactly the kind of situation that our high end portable studio was made for. We were able to deliver the client the high resolution, detailed images they needed. We delivered the industrial product photographs with minimal disruption to their day to day business.

Here at Photographer Brisbane we aslo do industrial tool photography if that's what you require

Industrial product photography Brisbane.

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Photos of industrial products.

Fine detailed industrial product photos.

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