Product photography of hygienic systems.

We get to photograph all kinds of thing you'd never think of. As Brisbane product photographers We often get call on to photograph things that people use every day but never think about.

When we were called on to do some Hygiene Systems Photography, we at first weren't sure what we were even going to be photographing. and a fresh look. It turned out to be the kinds of things you find everyday in bathrooms in many workplaces all over the world.

The photography brief was for detailed high resolution photographs for print and banners to be used at trade shows. As well as low resolution for use on the clients web page. The high resolution photos were devivered deep etched. The files had transparent backgrounds for easy use in Adobe Photoshop.

The hygiene systems photos weren't highly technical in nature, though there were some transparent surface to deal with. We photographed the items on-site using our portable studio.

Hygiene Systems Photography Brisbane

All photogrphy by Michael Leadbetter

Photos of industrial systems.

Fine detailed industrial product photos.

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