Quality Jewellery Photography.

If you need a Photographer in Brisbane to do jewellery photography, Michael is the photographer to help you out. Michael is an expert in all type of commercial jewellery photography.

Stunning high resolution images are created with perfect lighting. Jewellery photography is tricky and you have to use advanced photographic techniques like focus stacking to get the whole piece in sharp focus. Of course retouching is the key to getting great jewellery shots and making them perfect.

Lighting has to be perfect to give that sparkling look that diamonds and stones need. Using a great commercial photographer Brisbane is the key to getting superb images that are suitable for websites or print advertising.

Michael is a jewellery photographer who delivers affordable photography Brisbane. Call Michael today and get a quote.

Amazing Jewellery Photos

Jewellery photography by Michael Leadbetter, photographer.

Awesome Commercial Photography.

Contact us to find out how affordable our Photographer Brisbane images are. We'd love to work with you.

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