Queenslands longest bridges.

Connecting Brighton to Clontarf

Originally built between 1932 and 1935 the Hornibrook bridge was built to connect the growing city of Brisbane to Redcliffe. The Hornibook Bridge served as the main bridge across Bramble bay until it was joined by the by the Houghton Highway Bridge when to was opened in 1979. The two bridges worked side by side until the Hornibook was decommissioned in 2010 when the Ted Smout Memorial Bridge was opened. The Ted Smout Memorial Bridge was named after after Edward Smout Queenslands last surviving WWI veteran.

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Great place for photography.

Stunning bridges easily accessable.

The Ted Smout Memorial Bridge and Hornibrook bridge are a great place to visit in Brisbane for some landscape photography. Best time is in the morning on the southern bank or on the northern side in the evening for the sunset. Queenslands longest bridges are easily to get to. If you are a Brisbane photographer or a photographer visiting from somewhere else and looking for a great photography location head up to the bridges and enjoy the beautiful vistas.

Photography by Photographers Brisbane, Michael Leadbetter

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