Lake Tekapo Church.

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The Church of the Good Shepherd is an iconic church near Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. The house of God at Lake Tekapo was the first church built in the Mackenzie Basin. The Tekapo Church is built on the banks of Lake Tekapo not far from the township of Tekapo itself. It's an easy drive from Christchurch along good roads. Visiting The Church of the Good Shepherd is great at any time of year. I'd pick summer for a better chance of a clear day. It's in the Southern Alps of New Zealand and being mountains the weather can be variable to say the least.

Church of the Good Shepherd Facts

A beautiful small church


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Mackenzie Church.

Beautiful mountain scenery.

The Church of the Good Shepherd, New Zealand, is a small church surrounded by mountain peaks on a majestic lake. Photographers paradise. The only problem for photographers is there are 100000 other people who visit each year wanting photos of their own. This photography location is busy from dawn to dusk. The biggest challenge is trying to get a shot without people. It's even busy at sunrise with many other photographers all making the pilgrimage to this stunning little church.

I shot a shot timelapse showing how busy it is here at the Church by the Lake in Tekapo.

Don't let that put you off, you've just got to be patient. It's not so busy in the morning when the light is at it's best. So get out of bed early and head here to get some great shots of this classic kiwi photographic location. It's a beautiful wee church so make sure you take a few minutes to just sit inside and enjoy the ambience or have a few words with God, if you're that way inclined. Photos are no longer allowed inside, but you can shoot from outside the door.

Photos of The Church of the Good Shepherd by Photographer, Michael Leadbetter

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