Australian Heritage Site.

Beautiful Photography Location

The Glass House Mountains are situated in Sunshine Coast hinterlands. Roughly an hour north of the Brisbane CBD, they are an easy location to get to to get outdoors and do some bushwalking, get some fresh air and of course some photography. The Glass House Mountains were named by Captain James Cook, the famous English explorer. He named them so because they reminded him of the glass furnaces of the time, because of their shape. The mountains (more like hills in reality) are reminants of volcanic activity. They are made up of Hypabyssal Rock. There are a large number of peaks in the area. Many of which have great day walks of various lengths suitable for people a different walking abilities.

Glass House Mountains Facts

Awesome rock structures


Highest Peak


Years since formation


Became a National Heritage Site

Stunning location for landscape photography.

Not far from the Sunshine Coast.

To get to The Glass House Mountains to do some photography, head north along the Bruce Highway and then head west along Steve Irwin Way. It's easy to find as it's really well signposted. You can find great spots along Steve Irwin Way to stop to take photos. It's well worth doing one to the climbs up a peak, Mount Ngungun it an easyish walk roughly 30 minutes to the top, with great views of all the surrounding peaks. Take a camera with a standard focal length zoom and long zoom to get some closer photos of the peaks. Photography is best in the early morning or late afternoon as with all landscape photography. Drones are a great way to get closer and get a sense of space if you've got one.

Photography by Brisbane Photographer, Michael Leadbetter

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