Product photography of Athletic Clothes.

Athletic clothing photography is always fun. Brisbane activewear label BSFT, needed photos done for their websites store. They got in contact with us and we gave them a great price as we do for all our customers.

The type of shots they chose were invisible mannequin photography. This type of product photos are a little trick with close fitting clothes like activewear and swimwear. It can be tricky to get the back fill areas looking good. This was certainly the case here, the backs were super stringy as well.

Our Product photographer had to spend more time than usual getting the Athletic Clothes sitting just right on the mannequin. In the end it was worth the extra time, as little had to be done in photoshop more than the usual clipping.

Ghost mannequin is certainly the bast way to shoot these types of garments, it lets the viewer imaging wearing the clothes without seeing a model with a perfect body in the product shots. As well as an Athletic Clothes Photographer are also cowboy hat photographer so check that out while you're here.

Athletic Clothes Photography Brisbane

All photography by Photographer Brisbane Northside

Product photos of Athletic Clothes.

beautiful ghost mannequin photography.

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