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We are experts in Brisbane diamond ring photography. Our Brisbane Photographer does on-site and location photos of diamond engagement rings. We do the photography on-site for high priced items like diamonds to save you the security hassle of delivering them off-site or to a studio. Of course we can produce the same results as we do in studio on location with our portable studio. In fact due to the tiny size of the items they make on shooting on location ideal.

Photographing diamond rings is a highly technical exercise. They have a number of challenging factor that have to be taken into consideration. The positioning takes extra time they have to be rotated correctly which their small size makes challenging. The lighting needs to be both smooth for the metal elements and well as hard and directional to give the diamonds the required sparkle. But the hardest element to photographing diamonds is the fact that a diamond ring blown up to screen size can be 1000 times bigger than the original piece of jewellery. This make any surface flaws very visible. The resulting images need quite a lot of work in photoshop.

The diamond rings that we have photographed here were for high end Brisbane Jeweller Stones Diamonds. They are a Brisbane Jeweller who sell absolutely stunning high end rings. The diamond rings were some of the highest quality we have ever seen. This made the job a little easier thankfully. Our diamond ring photographers are very affordable. We charge less than 25% of what some other photographers in Brisbane do. This difference in price is simply due to our efficient workflow and straight up experience. We don’t have to fiddle around getting it right. We just know where the lights and bounce cards go we work fast allowing us to get more photographs produced quick than other less experienced photographers. Contact us today to find out about our cheap packages. While you’re here check out our jewellery photography

Brisbane Diamond Ring Photographer

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Product photos of diamond rings.

Photos for Stones Diamonds

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