Product photography of pool heaters.

We were contacted by Evo Heat Pool Heating specialist and asked to do updated images for their website and marketing material. After talking to the wonderful staff there we realised that the photography would have to be done on-site due the the size of the product that made moving them to a studio impossible.

We were able to go to them and do Industrial photography of the pool heating equipment that the sell. The equipment was quite varied in size from small units for backyard pools to large units that get installed at locations like wet and wild on the Gold Coast. The size represented a few problems but nothing insurmountable. They were able to give our Brisbane Photographer a space in their warehouse to work in that was big enough to give the space required for the photos.

We set up a portable studio consisting of white backdrop and we set up our professional profoto lighting and got to work. The process itself was the same as we'd use when doing any type of product photography . Retouching and post work was included in the price they were quoted. This is one of the services that differentiates us from other brisbane photographers, we deliver images that are finished and ready to use.

Give us a call, we can take photos of everything from pool heating units as seen here to hygiene systems , we can photograph it all.

Pool Heater Photography Brisbane

All photogrphy by Photographer Brisbane Northside

Photos of industrial systems.

Fine detailed industrial product photos.

Contact our Brisbane Industrial Photographer. We love working with new clients. .

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