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High quality handbag photography is what leather manufactures and retailers need to do business. Companies like Fossil require images for marketing and for the websites. Here at Photographer Brisbane we pride ourselves on our high quality product photography.

How to make great handbag photos.

Doing great handbag photography starts with the lighting. High quality colour correct lighing is needed. It is very important that the colours of the handbags come out correctly, we use Profoto B1 lighting. Profoto B1's have highly consistant light that comes out at daylight temperature of 5600 Kelvin. We use the same lighting in our cosmetics photography as well as all the other things we photograph.

The lights are set up so that they produce a reasonably flat lighting but with just enough angle to show up texture if that's required. It depends on whether the client want to accentuate the texture or would rather have a super smooth look. A rustic bag would need the texture bought to the forefront of the image. But a high end designer handbag would typically want a smooth finish.

Our Brisbane Product photographer uses a medium telephoto lens for photographing the handbags. Usually we go for a 120mm lens that doesn't show too much angle. It allows the handbag photos to look as they would if the end customer was looking in a mirror holding the handbag.

The bags are styled to show off their best attributes. The hardest part of handbag product photography is the styling of the straps, you need to show they are there but they tend to be untidy. So it's important to make sure they are tucked away nicely for the photos. As well as a Designer Handbag Photographer are also athletic wear photographer so check that out while you're here.

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